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The Importance of Visual Content for the Real Estate Market


Visuals matter now more than ever before. Because we are in a very visual market and a very visual world, it is well worth investing in photography, especially for real estate.

We touch on this topic and more in today’s podcast with our guest, Charlotte Safavi, interior stylist, shelter magazine writer, and producer. Charlotte works with architects, builders, and designers to create magazine content with interiors.

Real estate is one application for this type of photography, specialised and crafted to create a sense of space that is less generic. It is of utmost importance to create a space that people want to belong to, to make them feel that they’re having that experience while looking at the photographs.

As discussed in our previous post on how to value a property, we agreed that the feel of the place has a significant impact. When we look at a house, besides the space, the square footage, the number of bedrooms, and the zip code, we’ve got to think about how to present the area and what elements the space needs.

I think my approach is always to walk into a space and look at it and just think: How can we add to this? How can we refresh, updated, while being true to the, to the actual space and style of a home?

Charlotte Safavi

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