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How Your Refurbishment Project Can Benefit From the Help of a Chartered Surveyor  | Gary Barlow


Joining us this week is Gary Barlow, a Chartered Surveyor and Project Manager for a firm in Piccadilly. Gary discusses how they work on projects that are primarily based in Central London and at what point you need to bring in which experts, with the consensus being the earlier the better.

They discuss how having something like an acoustic engineer can make or break a project particularly in Prime Central London, where the tube and train lines are often very close by and how the scope of a project will determine the type of team Gary and his colleagues need to put together for a client. Listed buildings for example will require a listed building consultant, and any projects requiring at home cinemas would involve an AV consultant.  All collaborations are done with experienced professionals that have worked with them for over twenty years.

Whether your project is a smaller one or a full refurbishment, getting the right assistance as early as possible would be the recommended way to go.

Do you need a historic building consultant? Do you need Grosvenor approval if you’re in central London? Do you need a structural engineer on board? There’s all sorts of people, the earlier you get them involved, the older they get involved with the architects, and the more seamless the design becomes.

Gary Barlow

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