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Blog Post No.104

Navigating property rentals and purchases as a beginner with Muriel


Join us to discuss divorce and navigating property rentals and purchases as a complete beginner. Muriel shares with us her recommendations for first time property renters and buyers and her experience working with experts from the London Property forum.

We chat about finding the right agent and whether or not you should listen to people who recommend not getting an agent. The current shortage of stock in prime Central London and a few tricks on how to get in front of the market by getting the first viewing appointment and making a decision there and then. And Muriel shares her experience with gazumping and how not to take that personally!

If you find yourself in the position of being a first time buyer, we are here to help you. Our podcasts are aimed at being informative and we interview various different people from all sectors of the property industry. All our experts are handpicked and vetted to ensure that we only work with the top professionals in the market.


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