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How to Stage Your Home for a Swift Sale with Michael Handford-Arnold of Palace Gate


Michael Handford-Arnold joins us again to explain what to consider when you are putting your house up for sale. We discuss seasonality and how to make the outside area and/or street work for you (think cherry blossoms in Spring and cosy fires in Winter).

Staging can start from the very basic things like cleanliness, uncluttered spaces and basic maintenance and work all the way up to getting in professionals. There are a number of excellent staging companies and decluttering services who can assist you with this. We have some personally handpicked ones listed in our experts directory to get you started.

We discuss how to avoid making your space too sterile while keeping a balance between clutter, pets and children and how to show off potential furniture placement by adding in suitable options like a small desk with a printer on it for a home office space.

You can spend a fortune or you can spend a small amount of money or you can just lose plain logic. Declutter, get rid of a lot of stuff, clean the carpets. Clean the dog, as I said, and just, you know, just present it nicely.

Michael Handford-Arndold


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