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Give A Child A Brighter Future, Saving Lives & Giving Hope To Children In Need In Lebanon

11 / 11 / 2021

At a time of year when we are grateful for what we have and think of those that are in need we spoke to the founder and president of Give a Child a Brighter Future – Mrs. Lynna Kalo – who shares her passion and journey with us.

Founded in 1985 by a group of ladies wanting to help, it started as a small charity in order to provide gifts and much needed recreational and educational opportunities to children of a country torn by civil war, Lebanon.

Through fund raising, Give a Child a Brighter Future evolved into a children’s medical charity saving lives. By purchasing vital medical equipment, funding much needed surgeries and medicines they support and care for the vulnerable children of Lebanon .

Please support this amazing cause by giving at .

Listen to the full podcast with Mrs. Lynna Kalo here:

The war was ravaging in Lebanon, we were hearing terrible stories and atrocities, our heart went for the underprivileged children who were suffering

Lynna Kalo

You can help these children have a better life. Click here to donate.

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