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From offer to exchange with Michael Handford-Arnold

Michael Handford-Arnold,PALACE GATE LONDON


Today Farnaz Fazaipour discusses the potential challenges during the process of getting from offer to exchange with Michael Handford-Arnold of Palace Gate.

Michael is a seasoned professional in the Prime Central London property market and he offers some advice on what to look out for during the sales process. He also discusses how relationships with solicitors can affect a sale and what to do when bank values versus market values differ.

Join us to discover the difference between gazumping and gazundering and what you should be doing if you currently own a property in preparation for a potential future sale, even if it is not something you are considering in the immediate future.  


An agent has to wear one of many hats. He has to consistently nurture the buyer’s expectations and manage various possible complications with solicitors as well.
Sometimes you’ll have an out-of-town solicitor that doesn’t understand central London leases. So literally all the time, you have to be constantly looking at every aspect of the sale. 

Michael Handford-Arnold

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