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Everything You Need To Know About Estate Planning And Wills


Andrew Fishman, commercial property lawyer
In today’s podcast, we are in conversation with Andrew Fishman, commercial property lawyer with over 45 years of practice. Andrew heads a team who provide a comprehensive legal service dealing with matters such as estate planning, probate, trusts, wills and powers of attorney.

The estate planning starts by preparing a will and by taking into consideration the testator’s wants, his obligations and what is included in his estate. The ideal way is to plan in advance what they want to happen so that the tax exposure and liability can be mitigated. Inheritance tax planning is another crucial part because of the process since the rate is 40% above the threshold.

65% of the UK population who should make a will, did not do so, therefore people who have property and assets need to see the value of a solicitor to mitigate the tax exposure and liability at the time of their passing.

Andrew Fishman


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