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Club flats, combining the residential sense of community with the great service of a hotel
Naomi Heaton – Property Investment Expert


Join us as Naomi Heaton explains the concept brought to life with The Other House, a residential club where people get a combination of the privacy of residential living and the convenient services of a luxury hotel.

The club flats are designed to offer a personal living experience, with the advantage of built in community options such as a gym, wellness centre and various bars and restaurants.

Tech is a key focus and the concept is designed with the digital native in mind, so everything is controlled via an app. This gives customers the opportunity to manage their time and requests efficiently and frees up the team to engage in quality interactions, rather than just mundane tasks.

The aim at The Other House is to create a sustainable living experience for guests and this sustainability is reflected in everything. Local producers and manufacturers, only using seasonal food from the local areas and innovative recycling options are all carefully sewn together, with the aim of completing the BREEAM excellence rating which is quite an achievement.

Naomi’s long term vision is residential clubs like this all over the world, to reflect the global lifestyle that so many ascribe to these days.

So you’re right here, you don’t buy, you don’t own, you just use and drop as you want to, rather than having that ownership element.
More and more people don’t necessarily want that ownership element. Certainly we’ve seen that with Generation Rent, where they choose to rent rather than to buy. It gives you so much more flexibility.

Naomi Heaton


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